Netherby House

A hand-finished homage to heritage, crafted for a modern Australian family.

Carter Lovett

Real places tell stories of past and present, they effortlessly transport and allure memories beyond the mundane.


The combined alchemy of water, earth, metal and wood evoke a connection to nature,
uncluttering the mind for a heightened sense of space, repose and silence.

Harcourt House

An elegant, breezy box to hold bold graphic art. A purposeful, functional family home.

Prince of Wales Hotel

Beachside bicycles and candy coloured ice-creams… How to capture the joy of the esplanade?


Open to captivating sky-high city views, This makes a grand entrance, in fine Melburnian style.

Catalan House

This distinctive house was purchased for its Spanish mission qualities, heavy masonry arches, and timber and wrought iron detailing.


Inspired by the austerity of Spanish design, we found material simplicity and poetic restraint.

Eureka Towers

High in the sky, in an iconic building – an efficient, effortless home against million dollar views.

Dressmakers Loft

Distilling the original character of the space, new and old features sit in simple balance.

Gipps Street

Subterranean suburban chic. An exercise in intelligent, purposeful apartment living

Vienna Kaffeehaus at NGV

The very first pop up in the NGV’s beloved Great Hall called for theatrical lighting, bold shapes and the air of a European soiree.

NGV Bookshop

As people exit via the gift shop, filled to the brim with inspiration, let’s leave a lasting impression…

Charcoal Lane

How might we share something of this nation’s proud Indigenous heritage
without dipping into design cliche?

Albert Park College

A school is a community – a place for individual growth, where identities form.