Inspired by the austerity of Spanish design, we found material simplicity and poetic restraint.


Clinton McIver



Eliza Rosie Tyrall


Completed while director of meme

Textured, warm and inviting, Amaru is a place for cuisine and conversation, where sensitive mapping and thoughtfully executed detail resolve in a fine dining venue of unadorned honesty.

An interior of crafted and natural materials exudes tactile comfort, engaging diners in an intimate sensory experience. Smooth, hand-finished cement walls and flooring show traces of the artisans that shaped them. Original copper-framed windows and doors are complemented by rusty felt drapes, evoking the burnished hues and earthy patina of summer in Spain.

Here, languid lunches are enjoyed from Italian-made Bellevue chairs, their curved grey upholstery bringing immediate softness to the rectilinear space. Underfoot, a broad sisal rug spans the full length of the seated dining space. A ceiling-mounted oval shaped LED, its ambient, minimal lighting adding a diffused glow reflected by the faceted, beveled-edge mirror beneath. This serves to broaden the core of the room as well as frame the theatre of the open kitchen.

The luminous focal point was custom-made in collaboration with the client and Meme studio, as one of many bespoke fixtures and furniture featured within a restaurant designed to delight. 

Parents, children and guests can enjoy separate spaces to live, work and relax, in a home centred on purposeful connection. The positioning of robust living spaces both indoors and out invite organic social interaction throughout the property.