1. Our work

    Creating lasting and loved spaces is complex and takes care. Our projects are staged to ensure creative, productive, efficient & accountable outcomes

  2. Briefing & discovery

    This phase is about getting to know you, the project, who is going to live, work and use the space and the dream. Our discovery phase brings together influencing factors, collaborators, the site, building options, materials, budget and fee scope. This phase may involve one meeting or several.
    Here we establish: — The design brief

  3. Concept & vision

    The phase is about creativity, questions and ideas. Together we benchmark the project’s creative vision. This work will touch on all aspects of the project from spaces, usage, production, materials, craft and the philosophy of space.
    Here we establish: — Research / market / use — vision and design — Built concept — Spatial planning — Materials and finishes — Project milestones.

  4. Design & production

    With a design vision bench marked, we detail the design with a comprehensive design and documentation phase. Here we test and apply the vision to rigors of production, craft, materials, planning and budget.
    Here we establish: — Detailed design development package — Elevations and sections — Joinery package — Joinery design details — Finishes, fixture and fittings, lighting, furniture schedules — Appointment of builder and tendering

  5. Design & construction

    The difference is in the details at this phase. A full documentation construction drawings phase allows us to test design detail and refine the work for construction with appointed crafts, builders, manufacturers and project consultants.
    Here we establish: — Detailed design construction package — Crafts, builders, manufacturers and consultant collaboration. Project management The construction phase represents the most significant investment of the project. We’re there to troubleshoot, catch the opportunities with all involved in the construction.
    Here we: — liaise with trades, crafts and builders — shop drawing review — site inspections to ensure design intent and quality — review progressive work and quality control as per contract documents.

  6. Completion & hand-over

    Capturing all the finishing detail and maintaining the design vision. After construction, we review all aspects of the project with trades, crafts and builders. At hand-over, we can take the vision of the project to the next level of furnishings, furniture, collectables and artwork. Our procurement and custom services transform furniture and objects to be in sync with your design vision and aspiration to promote and celebrate.
    Here we: — Final site edits addressed and signed off. We can also organise: — Furniture procurement — Styling — Organising photography and styling shoot — Media and press.

A serene urban escape on an Adelaide waterfront, this ethereal day spa is carefully crafted to soothe and restore.

How can we present medical services in a more human-centred way?

A hand-finished homage to heritage, crafted for a modern Australian family.

Real places tell stories of past and present, they effortlessly transport and allure memories beyond the mundane.

The combined alchemy of water, earth, metal and wood evoke a connection to nature,
uncluttering the mind for a heightened sense of space, repose and silence.

An elegant, breezy box to hold bold graphic art. A purposeful, functional family home.

Beachside bicycles and candy coloured ice-creams… How to capture the joy of the esplanade?

Open to captivating sky-high city views, This makes a grand entrance, in fine Melburnian style.

This distinctive house was purchased for its Spanish mission qualities, heavy masonry arches, and timber and wrought iron detailing.

Inspired by the austerity of Spanish design, we found material simplicity and poetic restraint.

High in the sky, in an iconic building – an efficient, effortless home against million dollar views.

Distilling the original character of the space, new and old features sit in simple balance.

Subterranean suburban chic. An exercise in intelligent, purposeful apartment living

Moody, masculine and luxe – an eclectic den of delight.

The very first pop up in the NGV’s beloved Great Hall called for theatrical lighting, bold shapes and the air of a European soiree.

As people exit via the gift shop, filled to the brim with inspiration, let’s leave a lasting impression…

How might we share something of this nation’s proud Indigenous heritage
without dipping into design cliche?

A school is a community – a place for individual growth, where identities form.