Carter Lovett

Real places tell stories of past and present, they effortlessly transport and allure memories beyond the mundane.




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A contemporary cafe by cafe interior designer Megan Hounslow in Elsternwick, Victoria

Contemporary café chic meets old school bistro, in a grand Victorian shopfront in Elsternwick. 

Cafe design concept by Megan Hounslow in a prominent, high street corner in Elsternwick, Melbourne.

The previously tired, yet prominent, high street corner served a perfect location for an exciting and thoughtful programme of placemaking, storytelling and design. Designed with stylish ease, Carter Lovett becomes the new local for moreish food, wine and company.

Interior designer Megan Hounslow designed a placemaking, storytelling place in the corner of the high street in Elsternwick

ceramic dining plates with a neutral palette

Configured to support seamless function and flexibility, the space offers an adaptive all-day dining experience. A fresh neutral palette and custom steel framed glass panels allow light to permeate and transform the environment, from crisp light of mornings to moody stone hues in the evening. Reconstituted concrete bar and floor imparts robust austerity, met with warm timbers, natural leathers and hemp linen to bring a relaxed, understated sophistication to the room.

This project is the meeting of designers, makers, a food critic, a cafe manager and two chefs; in a wonderful forgotten building and lively street. Carter Lovett provides a convivial backdrop and comfortable extended living space for its community to sprawl, eat and enjoy.

Megan Hounslow has added a new project to her portfolio, Carter Lovett, a contemporary cafe design.
A new location to support seamless function and flexibility, the cafe design offers an adaptive all-day dining experience

Parents, children and guests can enjoy separate spaces to live, work and relax, in a home centred on purposeful connection. The positioning of robust living spaces both indoors and out invite organic social interaction throughout the property.