A serene urban escape on an Adelaide waterfront, this ethereal day spa is carefully crafted to soothe and restore.






Jonathan van der Knaap

Introducing tranquillity to a suburban strip mall, IONE is a day spa and bathhouse offering respite and rejuvenation amid the everyday hustle and bustle. Guests progress from the street into a sensory haven, with linen drapes creating a gentle diffused light, effectively screening the interior to achieve an immediately calming effect.

This studied approach to lighting is applied throughout the space, with consideration given to circadian rhythms, simulating the natural cycle of daylight.

Previously known as the Lavender Room, we consulted closely with the client to select a contemporary name to match its new interior, evocative of brand heritage. Meaning ‘violet’, ‘ione’ refers to a rare purple flower native to Greece, and relates to the ancient coastal region of Ionia.

This history is reflected through a rich colour palette, grounded in variations of purple. We developed a custom colour in moody amethyst, acting as a velvety base for more delicate rose tones, exuding soft, subtle femininity.

The use of natural materials, particularly marble and timber, imparts a tactile sense of connection to earth. Sophisticated joinery composed of clean lines and curved forms display select retail offerings, and alcoves artfully adorned with crystals.

Storage is concealed in every detail of the space and is attuned to comfort, using ample acoustic treatments, low-VOC paints and air purifiers to ensure an immersive, health-driven experience.