The combined alchemy of water, earth, metal and wood evoke a connection to nature, uncluttering the mind for a heightened sense of space, repose and silence.




Studio Round


Sharyn Cairns


Completed while director of meme

Willow, Wellness Center Armadale Victoria designed by spa interior desginer Megan Hounslow

Behind broad arched windows on Armadale’s bustling high street lies Willow, a contemplative urban oasis. Visitors enter the boutique shopfront to discover a space of tranquil order, defined by curvilinear forms and custom joinery detail. Adjacent to an onyx flanked reception, a light-filled wholefood eatery places nourishment and abundance at the fore of the welcome experience.

a space of tranquil order (spa interior) at the boutique shopfront in Armadale, Victoria

Quiet, considered, and comfortingly insular, the entrance is an invitation. Take a breath. You have arrived.

The spa interior - quiet, considered, and comfortingly insular entrance inviting you to take a breath
a light-filled wholefood eatery adjacent to an onyx flanked reception
Open studio space for meditation and movement classes in Armadale Victoria by spa interior designer Megan Hounslow

Willow offers a variety of restorative treatments, providing open studio space for meditation and movement classes, as well as a day spa and detox centre. It’s a place where the body and mind can find peace. Likewise, its design is mindfully and meaningfully made. Encompassing two double story heritage buildings, any spatial interventions are made in consideration of the site’s character and environmental context.

Materials are kept to a minimum for simple purity – the intention to slow the occupants, to reconnect with nature and its cycles.

Interiors are composed of curved archways in a contemporary extension of the Victorian vernacular, and sweeping thresholds, encouraging intuitive circulation. Walls of expertly hand-applied cement render resolve in elegant, expressive lines. A concise palette of greys, whites and neutral tones and whites imparts a deep stillness throughout. Materially raw and refined, the environment is grounded by tactile natural stone, jade green onyx and timber surfaces. Robust materials lend a quiet confidence, and meet practical requirements for high usage and flexible programming. 

wellness center spa interior, combined alchemy of water, earth, metal and wood evoke a connection to nature
Curved archways in a contemporary extension of the Victorian vernacular and sweeping thresholds in the spa interior

Our work at Willow represents a design investigation on the effects of air quality, noise, light and temperature impact the human condition. In deference to nature’s restorative power, a fundamental connection with the elements is afforded through strategically positioned openings and recessed ceiling lines, allowing free flowing natural light and air to permeate throughout.