In Conversation with Interior Designer Megan Hounslow

We catch up with former meme co-director Megan Hounslow to chat about her new solo career as an artist and interior designer. After a 10-year-long post as co-director at Melbourne-based interior design studio meme, Megan Hounslow embarked on the next phase of her career as an independent artist and interior designer. Megan rose to renown through delivering timeless, authentic, and innovative interior design projects like the award-winning Willow Urban retreat in Armadale, Melbourne.

She brings 20 years’ worth of industry knowledge and creative expertise to her interior design practice today, with a renewed emphasis on intuitiveness and wellness. Not only does her work encourage occupants to slow down and appreciate the interplay between nature and design, but it also sees through industry trends to ultimately outlast them.

Megan’s career in painting is marked by a re-ignition of a time-honoured passion dating back to her early days of studying fine art. Her most recent series “Interim” debuted in December 2021 at Melbourne’s In Good Company showroom. The series depicts the sensations and lived experiences of Melbourne’s extended lockdowns, particularly the changing role and effects of nature. Working with oils, her work captures fleeting moments through atmospheric layers, telling colours and deep contrasts. In this interview, we speak with Megan about everything from the ‘how’, the ‘now’ and the ‘what’s next’.

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Modern victorian interior by Megan Hounslow, Netherby House corridor