A Spanish Beauty – St Kilda East

With its existing Spanish Mission stylings preserved, St Kilda East sees the insertion of key formal and transitionary elements that connect the inside and out, echoing a Mediterranean sensibility.

Wellness by Design – Willow Urban Retreat

Architect Melanie Beynon and interior designer Megan Hounslow, working together as Meme during the time of the project, identify through their design of Willow Urban Retreat the exceptional impact our surroundings can make to our state of being. “Our process explored how space, light and materiality can actively contribute to human health, performance and well-being,” describes Megan.

Carter Lovett

A beautiful, dilapidated Victorian shopfront is transformed into a local hero, fusing contemporary chic with nostalgic charm.

Willow Urban Retreat

Willow's day spa and detox centre

When combining the notions of ‘sanctuary’ and ‘self-care’ — our first thought is an exotic escape abroad.

Willow Urban Retreat Melbourne by Meme Design

It’s everything you’re looking for in a space to retreat to. It has all the calming elements of white and height with the spatial simplicity of a Japanese Dojo. The uncluttered nature of both this design and the effect it has on the clarity of one’s mind is impressive.

Amaru Melbourne

Designed by Meme, Amaru in Armadale, Melbourne is elegant and understated. Inspired by the austerity of Spanish design, the focus is on simplicity and restraint – a simple backdrop for the dishes to shine against.

Community spirit drives award winners

Founding partners Megan Hounslow and Melanie Beynon, who were fellow interior design students at RMIT in the late 1990s, spent a lot of time developing their careers overseas after graduating.